Pets in Space 2!


This means a lot to me: the second Pets in Space anthology was released today, and once again it features one of my stories, a novella called Mascot, along with eleven other authors spinning tales of space, romance, and pets.  It’s a *big* e-book for only $3.99!

Science fiction romance is fun to write and read, because if there’s any one thing that powers the universe, it’s either hydrogen fusion, or love—and I’d be hard-pressed to say which of the two carries more cosmic weight.  Throw in pets intrinsic to the storyline, and it’s almost irresistible! On top of that, the anthology raises money for a very good cause.  Ten percent of the first month’s profits go to the service organization called Hero Dogs.

Here is a brief video of me discussing my story and the particularly unusual pet in space featured in it….

The  Kindle edition is here.

For a landing page with all ebook editions of Embrace the Romance:  Pets in Space 2, go here.

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