Best Black Box Ever

This item doesn’t look like much but it is a miracle of technology that makes all the difference in a climate like Houston’s!

Returning from a month-long trip across the West, I got a very warm welcome when the A/C in my condo proved to be dead. That equipment was forty years old and bound to fail sooner or later. Of course it did so in an August heat wave (heat index as high as 110 degrees)!   Just in time for me to be back from a long trip with a pressing need to spend quality time in my home office!

The management company got it replaced in a few days – both the part up on the roof and the unit in my closet. In the meantime I sweltered for a night and day and then got by much better with a couple of portable A/C’s that the Condo Association has on hand for this kind of emergency.

Now my home – including my home office – is cool, dry, quiet, and imminently livable.



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