Owl It

There’s a method highly recommended for writers who are stuck and finding it hard to write, especially those re-booting their writing or starting a really hard project. It is the Pomodoro Technique:  setting  a simple kitchen timer and writing full tilt until the timer goes off after fifteen or thirty minutes.  You’ve seen these timers – they take the form of a tomato i.e. pomodoro, or chicken, or whatever. I myself have a little yellow owl.  I’ve never had to use it for writing per se; but the day came when I was having cold feet about promotion activities and at my wits’ end. I twisted the owl as far around as it went, and got to work.  And it did the trick.  🙂  This is doable – anybody can write for just 15 minutes at least once a day.  It gets you unstuck and you’ll likely go over the time limit;  if not it still gets something actually done.  And it trains your brain to concentrate and not get derailed by email  and social media.  Recommended!


Word to the wise:  Get with it!

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