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Now that  I’m resuming the series that begins with Hurricane Moon, I’ve decided to independently publish these books.  Science fiction with theological themes is not what major publishers want – and besides, I already have most of these books written and I want to get them published before forever.

I should say I’m completing the series, now that I have at long last written the one that immediately follows Hurricane MoonDownfall Tide may be the hardest book I’ll ever write. The one after that, Star Crossing, has long since been written and edited – although books tend to end up needing MORE editing.

It’s from Star Crossing that the name of my very own press comes from.  In Star Crossing, Avendis is an extraordinary place, a treasury of civilization in a far future history, and a dangerous journey’s end.  That’s more than significant enough to name my publishing endeavor after.  🙂

APAE logo 2015

One thought on “Avendis Press”

  1. Hey, AG.

    I appreciate the Yin & Yang influence in your tasteful Avendis graphic. We are ALL connected through our universal existence, and it’s nice to see this little nod to traditional “Eastern” traditions.

    cheers & blessings!

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