thanks, Mom

My mother saw me fly in a sailplane exactly once.  That was when I drove her up to the  Mid-Georgia Soaring Association to see gliders and see me launch and land in a demo ride with one of the club pilots in an ASK-21.   Mom declined a demo ride for herself, but really liked the whole idea and has been totally supportive ever since – even now.  Eight years after that summer soaring day, she has moderate Alzheimer’s and can’t remember what we said three minutes ago nor  remember the house she lived in for thirty years until three years ago – but she still likes the idea of me flying gliders.  Today I called from Texas to wish her a happy Mother’s Day where she lives in Assisted Living in Georgia.  I told her that I’d had a wonderful flight an hour and a half long this afternoon with an instructor, knocking off rust from the years when I had to be inactive in soaring.  She enthused.   Thanks, Mom, more than I can say.

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