This from the pages of the Consumer Reports Money Adviser. To be specific, it was in the  February 2011 Tightwad Tod column under the title “Save by Cutting Waste.”   Tod cuts it pretty fine in this piece, explaining how you rescue the broken flakes in the bottom of the cornflakes box to use as crumbs;  how to flatten a toothpaste tube to get the last smidgen;  and how to salvage a sliver of soap by using sudsy water to glue it to a larger bar.  Hah – I can remember my farm-wife grandmother saving up slivers of soap and gluing them all together with boiling water, resulting in a motley bar that worked fine and looked much more interesting than ordinary soap to my four-year-old eyes.  Waste not want not was her motto.   That kind of frugality goes out of style and then, when times are tight again, it comes back.

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