Spring Editing

Seen in a women’s magazine (Woman’s Day, I think it was) that I perused at the grocery store behind a really l-o-n-g complicated checkout for the customer in front of me:

The magazine editor in her monthly column mentioned that she’d always been an editor, just not always of words.  From an early age she edited her books and clothes and schoolwork so things were organized and useful and nice.

Interesting.  Writers who are spring-cleaning challenged might take heed. Think of spring cleaning as editing. Cutting out boring parts;  trimming to fit limits;  revising incoherence into compelling clarity.  Never mind a track record of toxic clutter or an ingrained reluctance to part with sentimental baubles or whatever.  Just put the editing muscles into play and see what happens.

One thought on “Spring Editing”

  1. like color-coordinating notebooks and folders…science was always green…english always blue…mathematics always red…yellow was a free agent…so pleasing to the soul

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