Accident Wall

So I was in the dentist’s chair watching cable television.  My dentist takes pains to enable his patients to relax, offering the distraction of cable TV complete with a channel clicker and headphones.  I don’t suffer from dentist-anxiety, but I don’t mind channel surfing.  There was a DIY show that proved quite interesting.  A nice gay couple wanted to sell their house and needed to remodel on a tight budget, which was going to be a challenge, but the show’s consultants were there to help.  It all started with the couple watching a real estate agent on closed-circuit TV as she gave the “before” a critical once-over.  The real estate agent took one look at a wide red wall in the living room and pronounced, “We all know about accent walls, but that’s an accident wall.  That bright red just hits you in the face!”

The accident wall was done away with.  Happily, the entire house was remodeled and refreshed, for less than $2,000, in such a way that the inhabitants still felt at home.

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