OK, for semi-tropical Houston this weather is C-O-L-D.  I get up this morning and find ice on the inside of my balcony sliding glass door.  Condensation near the bottom the glass has frozen, including clogging the tracks with ice.  I won’t be able to step out out onto the  balcony without applying a hair dryer to the ice.   And the city is having rolling blackouts to conserve power, so firing up a blow drier is probably not the most public-spirited thing to do.  I’ll see if afternoon sun makes the problem thaw out on its own.

This reminds me of the time I went with a friend to a 99’s (women pilots) convention in Oklahoma City in February and they were having a severe cold weather event.  I don’t think there was one square inch of that hotel over 60 degrees, and in our room, the sliding patio door completely frosted over.  On the inside.

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