Camp Mascot

It’s the season for summer camp.  I heard on NPR that a New York City bookstore is even sponsoring a Camp Half-Blood for young fans of the Percy Jackson books;  the kids were enjoying it, sword skirmishes and secret rescue missions and all. Sunday’s Houston Chronicle reported that a camp for mascots had been held in Houston’s Toyota Center.  As in team mascots.  The people in hot fuzzy animal suits who stoke the enthusiasm of fans. The Fantasy Mascot Camp was led by Rockets basketball mascot Robert Bourwin, a.k.a “Clutch.”  It was attended by mascots from middle and high schools, a couple of universities, minor and professional league teams, and the Chick-fil-A corporate mascot (should that be a.k.a “Cluck”-?)  The pictures on the Chron’s Web site are priceless. All these people in their fuzzy mascot costumes, all jazzed up-!

Unfortunately, the article did not escape the prosaic perils of typographical error.  These days there don’t seem to be many articles, stories or books that appear typo-free.  Clutch was quoted as saying that the camp focused on psychology, more than stunts.  “We’re not hitting any trampolines, repelling (sic) from the ceiling….”

Of course, depending on the gig, maybe there’s a mascot or two who do repel from the ceiling.

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