More Interstate Travel Notes

Seen on I-85 South in north Georgia:  hot pink ragtop Mustang.  It sounds like a contradiction in terms – hot pink/muscle car?  But hot pink turns out to be a great-looking color for a Mustang.  It was being driven (fast) by a chick with a ponytail.

Noted on every Interstate everywhere I went:   the unintended consequences of cruise control.  Used to be there were flocks of cars going 60, 70, whatever.  But now cruise control comes with incremental accelerate and decelerate as well as cancel and resume.  You get an unpredictable mix of cars that imperceptably speed up or slow down with the drivers behind belatedly reacting.  If you come up on somebody going slow the simplest way to bleed off speed is cancel cruise control and resume or reset it at a slower (or faster) speed when able.  So on a busy freeway, cruise control goes like this:   CRUISE ON, SPEED SET, CRUISE, NOTE SLOWDOWN AHEAD, DECELERATE, NOTE TRAFFIC SPEEDING BACK UP, ACCELERATE, CHANGE LANES AROUND SLOW VEHICLE, ACCELERATE TO MATCH SPEED OF VEHICLE AHEAD, NOTE SLOW-MOVING TRAFFIC IN *BOTH* LANES AHEAD, CANCEL! CANCEL!  BRAKE!  SET LOWER SPEED THAN PREVIOUS.  CRUISE, NOTE TRAFFIC SPEEDING BACK UP.  ACCELERATE….

This was a driving trip and I ran short of prep time so I flung everything I could possibly need into the depths of the car’s trunk.  I spent most of the trip feeling over-equipped, since I didn’t need all the stuff I brought. Among other items, I had a short extension cord that just went along for 3000 miles of the ride – until last night.  This otherwise adequate Best Western lacks a wall outlet near the bed.  The outlet is eight feet from the bedside table, too far for the clock-radio cord.  The room’s clock-radio was parked on a dresser clear across the room.  Well, I like to listen to a clock-radio at night, and I like to have it on the bedside table.  So  – extension cord deployed, clock radio in desired position, pleasant night’s rest had.

Before this trip I invested in a Netbook computer.  Good thing.  It’s been helpful.  Like this morning:  thanks to the Netbook and Wi-Fi, I’m holed up in the Best Western room, blogging in cool comfort, instead of being on I-10 east of Baton Rouge where traffic is moving at 0-10 MPH.  Seems there were one or more accidents or stalls on the freeway.  Local traffic map on the Web indicates situation improving.  So I’m soon off.

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