Weather Being Awe-full

I sure didn’t come to DC for the weather.  It’s been 100+  with high humidity.  It’s not impossible to get out and see the area, but it’s been a challenge.  The National Symphony Orchestra at Wolf Trap with Joshua Bell was an uplifting but sweltering experience for the audience and the heroic musicians alike.  Arlington National Cemetery had a hot clear hush.  The National Cathedral was on the warm side, except for a Eucharist in a chapel in the  Crypt, which was one of the best cool spots in the city.

A storm blew through yesterday afternoon with a tornado warning, a shelf cloud and winds that raised a dust curtain off the construction site north of where I’m staying in Crystal City.  Then the air cleared and the sky blued. Last night was clear.  Today cooler weather is upon us:  it’s only expected to hit 90 degrees.  I’m off to the National Mall, armed with sun block clothing, water, and a hat.

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