Interstate Travel notes

Driving north on I-185 in Georgia I blew past a Georgia State Patrol car.  It was OK. The patrol car was aboard a Georgia State Patrol flatbed truck.

Up in South Carolina on I-85 I saw an exit marked GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.  International?  Their Web site lists  maybe four dozen flights for the month of July including Punta Gorda Florida but no apparent international flights.  Maybe the international part is general aviation?  Somebody flying a bizjet in from Monterrey Mexico-?

On I-95 in Virginia I squeaked by two double-wide mobile homes being transported.   They extended far enough into the left lane to make me cancel Cruise Control and pass with great care.  Whew.  Cruise control back on, I flew on up the freeway.  Three or four miles further on I passed a pickup truck with fluttering flags and flashing lights and signage saying WIDE LOAD.  Yoo-hoo, aren’t you supposed to be in actual proximity to your charge?

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