Catch of the Day

I’m in Georgia taking care of my mother (she’s in assisted living here) and it’s been a busy week.  I’ve checked e-mail on the fly.  Today’s e-mail includes a reminder from the Rice University IT Department that a) there are new phishing scams landing in e-mail inboxes all the time and b) IT is blogging a kind of perp walk of these things called Catch of the Day, drawn from reports from the Rice community.  Catch of the Day lists some usual ones -like the Bereaved Widow’s Plea for Help and the fake messages from “Rice  University IT” that want to harvest your passwords.  And here’s one that’s news to me:  a malicious Web site that fakes the Rice University Webmail log-on screen.  Conceivably it could take in somebody like myself who’s on travel and in a hurry to check Webmail.  Ack-!  Catch of the Day wisely reminds us, Make sure you look at the destination for your URL before you begin typing in your NetID and password. Likewise any other Website that involves personal information, passwords and/or money.  Does the fine print in the URL sound like whatever self-respecting outfit it purports to be?  Nobody wants to be a phisher’s catch of the day….  Caveat user!!

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