OK, my previous post panning the french fry billboard sounds irritable.  It WAS irritated, but not because I’m against food.  Food can  be every bit as as wonderful as it is necessary.  Good food is nutritious, preferably local and organic whenever possible.  And everybody deserves to enjoy something special and dietarily splurgy on occasion.  Case in point:  the excellent Raven Grill (specializing in fresh regional food) has lately offered single-orchard desserts on the daily menu.  That’s like single-vineyard wines and single-source chocolates;  here it’s peaches from a single Texas Hill country orchard.  Just imagine a superbly prepared single-orchard peach crisp.  Yum! I know the terrifically skilled pastry chef  – his wife is a colleague of mine.  She describes the two of them driving back from Fredericksburg, Texas with 100+ lbs of peaches in the car as a remarkably fragrant experience.

Have a safe, special and delectable Fourth of July!

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