flight path

This morning I saw the fledgling pigeon on my balcony take one of its first flights. Junior Pigeon was standing on the wrought  iron bench, making squeaky feed-me noises, while Papa Pigeon walked  around on the balcony floor.  Junior upped and fluttered down off the bench to Papa.  It wasn’t a great flight, but it wasn’t falling like a feathered rock either….

Junior can fly upward too, from the balcony floor to the wrought iron bench to the balcony railing.  A balcony with a bench and a railing may be a perfect pigeon playground to give Junior little flights less drastic than falling out of a nest on the edge of a cliff!

Now (Wednesday morning) Junior is perched on the railing, watching Papa fly from the balcony to the roof of the other building and back again and a few other pigeons flying around.  Papa is making encouraging cooing noises.  Junior is restless, scooting back and forth on the balcony rail, doing some quick anxious preening, looking all around.   Quivering with anxiety.  Junior so wants to be a flying pigeon like Papa.   He’s just not sure he knows how.

Like every human student pilot, Junior won’t really know he can solo until the right time comes and, with encouragement from an attentive expert, he does.

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