Full Disclosure

Anybody who’s gone through the process of buying a home comes away with an elevated interest in the process even if they plan to stay put for years.  This is why I always read the Houston Chronicle’s weekly HOMES section.   It’s interesting to know how much the McMansion on a local street is going for;  how Realtors think;  or how to weatherstrip a door or replace a bathroom vent fan, as detailed in the Handyman column.  Then there’s this gem:

Q.  Must I disclose  if my house is haunted?

A.  In our opinion, if you have a reason to believe a house is haunted, you should disclose it….  If that disclosure drives away a potential buyer, so be it.  However, such a disclosure, if true, can be a magnet for buyers.  It’s all in what you know and believe about the house and what a prospective buyer thinks about haunted houses.

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