tattoo who?


My collleague Tiffany enjoyed the TATTOO AND BODY ART EXPO over the weekend.  It was at Reliant Stadium.   I had no idea there could be a tattoo convention that big.  The Reliant Web site billed it:  “The Largest Tattoo and Body Art Expo in the World! This is a clean, safe, family oriented, tattoo convention and party.”  Body art means tattooing, piercing, implanting crystals, and other sorts of corporeal decor. 

Tiffany observed that  unlike the tattooed or pierced folk you might see in public who have an offputting attitude or get bristled up if you stare at them, everyody with fancy body art at the Expo wanted people to look, see and ask questions.  Just like science fiction conventions – everybody feels more at home in the midst of their tribe!

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