Pigeon Watch

Happily, we now have  the normal complement of two (2) small creamy white eggs in the  pigeon nest in the dragon tree pot on my balcony.  The male pigeon is taking his turns brooding the eggs.  He’s more skittish, which is how I can count eggs.  I go onto the balcony and start watering plants and he flits away to the roof.  At any rate, everybody is getting watered, including the dragon tree. And the pigeons.  Yesterday my friend Jan said, “Have you put out a water dish for them?”   Jan once had House Wrens nesting  in a fern on her porch and she watered the fern with an eye dropper to make sure the eggs didn’t get wet.  And our priest in her Sunday homily lifted up the significance of hospitality.  So this morning I put out pot saucer and filled it with water for the pigeons.

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